Is there a Mid Michigan Hospice Crisis?

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"I honestly don't know how that happens."

Shante Newbury has worked at Hospice Advantage in Lansing for years, and she knows in order to keep a hospice have to get certified.

Multiple Mid-Michigan hospitals are being accused of substandard care by an online magazine, including Sparrow Hospice Services in Lansing.

According to a Huffington Post article, the Sparrow Hospice Services have not been certified in more than eight years. But the hospice service claims it receives regular certifications at a minimum of every three years.

Sparrow's director Melissa Wiseman was unavailable for an on-camera interview, but tells News 10 the facility is certified every three years, most recently in 2013.

Sparrow also said the company has passed every survey successfully, and encourages frequent inspections to ensure quality care.

The same goes for the state. The department of licensing and regulatory affairs says hospices are inspected even more than what's required by the federal government.

There are multiple regulations hospices must uphold each year, including annual agency inspections. And if there are complaints, the hospices can be checked at any time.

As a daughter of two parents in hospice, Newbury says any types of violations can lead family members to question the facility.

"If it involved my family, I would do some investigation and try to figure out what I could and try to understand it better."

Newbury says above all, the quality of care for the patients is her priority.

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