Irish Hills Towers Scheduled for Demolition

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IRISH HILLS (WILX)-- Saving history comes with a hefty price tag. The fight to keep the Irish Hills Towers standing is proving to be a tough battle.

The Irish Hills Historical Society needs to raise $300,000 dollars by August 1st, otherwise the towers will be torn down. So far the society has raised about $1,000 to restore the towers. That is only one-third of one percent needed, but society president Donna Boglarsky remains optimistic.

"The 300 thousand or even 200 thousand this year I think we could get all the repairs done that are necessary," said Boglarsky.

If you wish to donate visit the Irish Hills Historical Society's Facebook Page, e-mail them at, or you can call Boglarsky at 517.467.5300

The towers were originally built in the 1920's. In 2000 the owners fell onto hard times and had to close attraction. Since then no one has kept up with the building repairs causing it to fall apart quickly.

"The bases are deteriorating and it's on top of US-12. It could hurt somebody traveling," said Cambridge Township Building Official Bruce Nickle.

The towers are structurally unsound and they need a complete makeover from top to bottom, inside and out. The worry is that towers could collapse at any time.
The towers are now owned by the historical society, who has started to fix some parts of the towers up. But the small repairs might be too late.

"Its the water damage that's created so much of the decay that's occurred," said Boglarsky.

If the money isn't raised by August 1st it's likely the towers will have to come down.

"Nobody wants to but it's time to make it safe," said Nickle.

The towers are icons of the city, started by a feud between neighbors. The original tower was built on the property line and not long after a second tower was built 12 feet away and 10 feet taller. The two neighbors kept adding to the towers, competing against each other until one threatened to make a steel tower. They are not both 64 feet tall.

The Historical Society could get an extension on the deadline if they make enough major repairs before August 1st.

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