Insurance Company Expansion Could Bring 1000 Jobs

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Jackson National Life (Jackson) is planning to expand, but still has to go through a long approval process from state and local governments. However, the company already has the support of Governor Snyder and Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero.

After just a little over a decade in their facility right off I-96, Jackson's management says they've outgrown the space. They're hoping to build a 260,000-square-foot addition adjacent to the existing building, which could bring 1000 new jobs, ranging from IT positions to customer service staff.

According to Mayor Virg Bernero, there was a lot of competition to get the company to expand in Lansing and in exchange, both the state and city are offering an attractive incentive package.

"There's going to be some grants available to help with infrastructure, public infrastructure, improvements of the area and there are also some incentives that literally assist Jackson National Life put more money into the building and hiring more people," said Bob Trezise, CEO of LEAP.

Mayor Bernero says the incentives were key to beating out other cities for Jackson's business, but the CEO of the company says it wasn't the main driving force.

"We've been very pleased to be a part of the community for 50 plus years and it's a very good place to do business," said CEO Mike Wells.

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