Ingham Regional Medical Center Now Called McLaren-Greater Lansing

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Before it was the Ingham Regional Medical Center, the hospital was known as Michigan Capital Health Care. Before that, it was also known as Michigan Affiliated Health Care Systems Inc. and Ingham Medical Center. Just when you may have adjusted to its current name, it has changed its title once again, to McLaren-Greater Lansing.

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Patrick Salow explains: "There's over 200 locations and for all of those locations to have the same name, we feel that it really demonstrates how large we are." McLaren has owned Ingham Regional for the last 15 years. It hopes to gain more patient traffic with the name switch.

After several years of job cuts and lost business, the medical center is now hiring to keep up with new patients, whom are making trips to this site for cutting-edge procedures such as minimally-invasive surgery by robots. "We've actually had newer surgeons coming into the area that will be performing robotic surgeries as well so that will definitely be increasing our business," explained Surgical Services Coordinator Diane Cox-Romel.

With all these good changes represented with a new name, executives expect McLaren-Greater Lansing to be around for a long time.

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