Ingham County Parks Department Proposes New Millage

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The Ingham County Parks Department is looking to expand.

You may have heard about the Lansing River Trail expansion the city and Delhi township are doing.

But Ingham County wants to go bigger.

"This would provide for the opportunity to have a continuous trail system throughout the entire county," said Willis Bennett, Parks Director for Ingham County.

They're proposing a parks millage increase to expand and connect parks across the county.

It would raise property taxes by half a mill to pay for more paths, pavilions and picnic tables in the area.

"It makes our region more valuable," Bennett said. "This will bring in more visitation to neighborhood, county and city parks. It's going to be a big draw for the overall region."

The parks department would use this millage to maintain existing parks like Lake Lansing. And they'd also use it to create trails to connect other parks and public areas across Southern Michigan.

Members of the planning and community outreach committee of the Ingham county parks and recreation commission met Monday night to discuss specific ways the millage increase will be used if it passes.

But since the election is a few months away... the members are still in the brainstorming stage.