Ingham County Land Bank Holds Spring Showcase

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Before their wedding in October, Roderick Hawkins and Ashley Bryan have made it their goal to buy a house.

"We have two kids and being able to get into a house is very important to us and something we can put money into instead of just renting," said Bryan.

As they toured a brand new home on Lenawee Street in Lansing, it was the $107,000 price that stuck out.

"Just looked like a great deal and something we wanted to come get more information about," said Bryan.

The home was one of 16 houses featured in the Ingham County Land Bank's Spring Open House, this weekend.
County Treasurer and Chair of the land bank, Eric Schertzing says the homes are meant to be affordable.

"A lot of folks don't understand how easy it can be, economically, to afford a home," he said. "If someone's paying $600-800 a month in rent, they can afford a home."

With the help of federal housing money, the land bank has built and renovated more than a hundred homes in the Lansing area over the last three years.

Everything from the appliances to the refrigeration in the homes is designed to be as energy-efficient as possible, bringing utility bills down to less than $100 a month.

"That's great because a person gets into a home, they have their mortgage payment, but then their utility payments are also quite low and affordable," said Brian Huggler, an Associate Broker for Coldwell Banker and Realtor for one of the featured homes.

It's all to attract as many potential buyers as possible, which adds to the land bank's overall goal of improving Lansing's neighborhoods.

Information on the Ingham County Land Bank's homes can be found at

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