Ingham County Investigates Drive-by Shootings

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Ingham County Sheriff's detectives spent Friday afternoon searching parts of M-52 in and near Webberville looking for stray bullets or anything that may give them a clue.

"Who knows what the motivation is. Were they drunk? Were they on drugs? I don't know," said Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth.

Reports came into the Ingham County Sheriff's Office Thursday at about 6:30 p.m. The suspect is described as a white male and driving possibly a Chevrolet Cavalier. According to reports, the suspected shooter was driving near M-52 and Grand River and fired shots at five passing cars.

Noone was injured, though this incident wasn't an isolated. Authorities say there were at least 16 similar cases reported between Oakland and Ingham Counties since Tuesday. They don't know if the same person is responsible, but the sheriff has a suspicion.

"Well it would be one heck of a coincidence if it wasn't is I guess how I would put it," said Sheriff Wriggelsworth.

Investigators from multiple departments including MSP will be forming a task force. They'll be comparing cases across the counties to find similarities and hopefully answers. For now, the evidence is still sketchy and the sheriff says he's shocked to see this happen.

"I cannot remember in my 46 years in law enforcement something this widespread and this random taking place," said Sheriff Wriggelsworth.

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