Infertility Support Group Advocates For New Legislation

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One in eight couples are struggling with infertility, and a local group is trying to do something about it. A Jackson woman started a new support group for couples dealing with infertility. The National Infertility Association, "Resolve" opened a new chapter here in mid-Michigan in Jackson.

It's been almost three years since Sarah Gough was diagnosed with infertility.

"My only option was either going to be straight to IVF or child-free or adoption," said Sarah Gough, member of "Resolve" support group

And IVF or invetro fertilization, a major infertility treatment., wouldn't be cheap.

"Though our insurance we did not any.. absolutely zero coverage... after infertility diagnosis," said Gough.

Each treatment costs about 15 thousand dollars, and it doesn't always work. Gough and her husband have instead chosen adoption, but that option, too, can be very expensive. That's why Elizabeth Walker started a new chapter of "Resolve." The National Infertility Foundation's support group in Jackson. The group advocates for help with these costs, provides support for local families, even opened an art exhibit on the topic of infertility.

"It affects one in eight couples, and it's very isolating at the same time because so many people don't talk about it," said Elizabeth Walker, support group host.

Members of the group want lawmakers to talk about it. That's why they traveled to Washington to advocate for
The Family Act, which would provide a tax credit for couples who choose IVF treatment, or men and women with cancer who undergo fertility preservation treatment. the credit would have a lifetime cap of 12 thousand dollars.

Resolve also advocates for legislation that supports veterans with reproductive injuries.... and an expansion of the adoption tax credit.

"We were able to provide the information and really get across the personal stories. They might see the facts and figures, but to have the personal stories is really important," said Walker.

Difficult stories that members hope will lead to better outcomes for families struggling with infertility in the future.