UPDATE: Michigan Fugitive Caught

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Police say a convicted killer who made a brazen escape from a Michigan prison has been captured in Indiana.
Indiana State Police Sgt. Ron Galaviz says Michael David Elliot was captured Monday evening in LaPorte County, Indiana.
Galaviz says a sheriff's deputy investigating a vehicle theft spotted the stolen automobile and tried to make a stop. The suspect ran, but authorities were able to capture him.
Authorities say Elliott peeled a hole in two fences with his hands to escape from the Ionia Correctional Facility on Sunday night.
Police say Elliot walked into town and used a box cutter to carjack a woman, who drove him to Indiana.
Security cameras caught the fugitive at a gas station near Elkhart.
That's where the woman was able to make her own escape after calling 9-1-1 from a bathroom.

WOMAN: "It's taking me longer than what I thought."
911 DISPATCHER: "Is that him?"
WOMAN: "Yes."
911 DISPATCHER: "He is knocking on the bathroom door saying, 'Let's go!'"

The victim and her vehicle were safely recovered.
Elliot has been behind bars for 20 years. He's serving 4 life sentences for the 1993 shooting deaths of 4 people in Gladwin County. He was also accused of burning down their home.

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