Inspired by Independence Day

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"It's my home, so I really miss it."

Serafettin Gedik misses home the most on the fourth of July. He's from Turkey, and seeing the American enthusiasm makes him miss his country.

But he says government holidays in Turkey are very official, few barbecues or parades to celebrate.

Which is why he can appreciate the American attitude toward this holiday.

"It gives people the reason to celebrate something and have fun," Gedik said.

He's been in the United States studying for four years and is one of Michigan State's more than six thousand international students enrolled every year.

There are about six hundred thousand immigrants living in Michigan right now. Those in immigrant services say that even though Lansing is a welcoming environment for foreigners, there's always more to be done.

"We can improve by maybe just opening a few more opportunities for jobs," Judi Harris, director of St. Vincent Catholic Charities Refugee Services, said. "Maybe helping people with opportunities for small businesses.

Serafettin Gedik says he's been very welcomed here, and he will always appreciate the american spirit around independence day.