In Stores: Sony PS4

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NEW YORK (AP) -- The first salvo in this holiday season's battle for video game system domination is being fired today -- by Sony. It's PlayStation 4 is now in stores.

And Sony official John Koller says the new system is designed for gamers who are serious about their own play -- and serious about showing off their skills to others. Koller says players will be able to show off their at-play achievements.

Even those who have become used to the high-definition quality of video games from the PS3 will be impressed by the updated visuals. He says the video is 10 times better than what was produced by the PS3 video engine -- so the experience is more like watching a movie than it is playing a video game.

The new game system costs $399, and comes with a 500 gigabyte hard drive. There are close to two dozen games available for the PS4 at launch -- with more coming out during the holiday sales period. The new system will not play games from the previous system.

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