Immigrant Supports Obama on Syria

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President Obama Saturday said he will take military action against Bashar Al-Assad's regime in Syria.

Anas Attal, who immigrated from Syria five years ago, says he worries for his country, but thinks the president is making the right decision.

"There will likely be some civilian casualties [following U.S. missile strikes]," Attal said. "And to me, personally as a Syrian or as an American, I care about the life of someone else in Syria or elsewhere."

But he thinks the loss of life may be necessary to free the country from the rule of Bashar Al-Assad, which has brutally suppressed anti-government protests over the last two years, killing tens of thousands in the process.

"Syrians are divided but I would say the majority want change, want reform," said Attal.

An NBC poll shows that 50 percent of Americans oppose military action in Syria. But Attal says he thinks it's the country's job to step in.

"Being a superpower, you have responsibilities to ensure peace not violence," he said. "So is it the United States' place to be in? I think yeah."

Others in Mid-Michigan were not so sure it is right for the U.S. to intervene.

"We've been the policemen of the world for the last 40 years," said Charlie Trim of Lansing. "It's time for other people to step up. How about China? How about Russia?"

It's a concern that Lansing resident William Miller echoed.

"Are we going to accomplish anything by doing this?" he said. "I don't see where we're going to gain anything."