Immigrant Children May Find a Home in Mid-Michigan

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Dozens of immigrant children from the southern border could be coming to Albion, Michigan. Starr Commonwealth, a residential treatment facility for families, is working with Sequel Youth and Family Services, out of Alabama.

A Starr Spokesman said there's no agreement in place to provide services or support to undocumented children; but, the group issued a statement saying it's still looking into the possibility.

The statement read: "Starr continues to explore potential collaborations with partner agencies, such as Sequel Youth and Family Services, that could provide important care for vulnerable children from Central America and to other populations of children in need."

Two churches in the area said helping these children fits with their mission and they'd be more than willing to assist Starr Commonwealth.

"It's easy to forget sometimes because we're so far north that those children from South America are our neighbors too. And so, if they moved into our backyard, like this, it would be a lot harder to ignore them and we might be pretty selfish, if we did not help them," explained Dennis Matyas, Pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church.

The pastors from both churches agreed their congregations would receive the children with open arms.

"Our church has a loving and compassionate heart, and when they see the need, they rise to meet the need," said Robert Bolton, Pastor Albion Free Methodist Church.

Pastor Matyas added, "A lot of people here would be interested in helping them monetarily and would be able to do so. And perhaps, we as a church body would be able to help them out monetarily as well. And then, who knows, you know, the sky's the limit."

Albion Free and St. Paul plan to work with other churches to help children that may come to the area.