Ice Storm Debris Clean-Up Underway in Some Areas

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DEWITT (WILX)-- Nearly two months after the ice storm left a gigantic mess to clean up, communities are finally getting around to picking it up. But not everyone is getting down to business.

A couple cities like Dewitt and East Lansing are starting to make a dent in the debris clean-up, while other would rather wait.

Dewitt crews were out Thursday working hard, using a back-hoe to dig out massive piles of debris still covered by the snow.

"They're getting brush that is easily accessible, brush that is on top of the snow piles and brush that maybe doesn't have a lot of snow on it. Anything our equipment can break loose and get to a chipper," said Daniel Coss, Dewitt City Administrator.

The clean-up process has pretty much been put on hold since December's ice storm thanks to the cold and snow that followed in the weeks after.

The city of Dewitt and East Lansing have both started picking up this week, but Lansing and Meridian Township are holding back.

"The debris is so significant that we feel like we can't wait. If we have days available, crews available, we have equipment available, we will be out there hauling that debris," said Catherine DeShambo, Environmental Services Administrator at East Lansing DPW.

A lot of debris is getting left behind. Coss and DeShambo have both said that their crews will be making multiple sweeps, but that's exactly what other townships don't want to deal with.

"We would like to do it all at once, so we don't want to do it in the middle of snow," said Milton L.Scales, Meridian Township Board Member.

The process will not be cheap either.

"It's going to cost us at least fifty thousand dollars. We are going through a private contractor, and we appreciate the patience," said Scales.

Meridian's clean-up should start in a few weeks, while Lansing has yet to set a timeframe.

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