I-96 Accidents

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Interstate-96 east of Lansing is one of the busiest sections of freeway in Ingham County. It also seems to be one of the most dangerous. On Thursday morning, a semi-truck rear ended a concrete truck just west of the Okemos Road exit, causing traffic to back up for at least seven miles.

According to Sgt. Dennis Hull from the Ingham County Sheriff's Office, speed was the main factor that caused this accident. But collisions on I-96 are becoming an increasing concern. There has been at least one death on the interstate every year since 2008 and hundreds of injuries. Earlier this month, a state police trooper was run over by another driver and he is still in the hospital.

"He was doing his job, working holiday traffic and subsequently run over by a driver who was not paying attention," said Sgt. Richard Hale from the Michigan State Police.

To address the problem on I-96, authorities from multiple departments are increasing patrol to crack down on aggressive drivers. However, limited man power seems to be an issue.

"It's a program that's been implemented and is being done periodically on a basis where the man power is available to do it. But all the police agencies involved have additional commitments and man power allocations that go elsewhere," said Sgt. Hale.

To avoid accidents, authorities are urging drivers to slow down and keep their eyes on the road.

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