I-96 Shooter; Raulie Casteel Sentenced Up To 12 years

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PONTIAC(WILX)-- Before a Livingston County jury found I-96 shooter Raulie Casteel guilty of terrorism, he pleaded "no contest but mentally ill" to charges in Oakland County last October.

There was no smile on Raulie Casteel's face on Tuesday as he found out he'll be kept behind bars for up to twelve more years.

"Thank goodness you are a lousy shot. --It's the order of the court you serve 80 months to 120 months with zero days credit for time served," said Judge Denise Langford Morris with the Oakland County Circuit Court.

He was given the 80-120 month sentence for assault, plus two more years for two felony firearm charges.
The sentece was the maximum he could've gotten after pleading mentally ill.

"Mental illness is different. Raulie Casteel didn't choose mental illness, it chose him. This was the hand he was dealt," said Douglas Mullkoff, Casteel's Attorney.

In his testimony in Livingston County, Casteel described how he believed the government was following him.
He said it was paranoia that led him to shoot at twenty-three vehicles back in 2012.
Casteel is currenty on medication after a forensic center found him mentally ill, and his attorneys hope he gets the treatment he needs while behind bars.

"We pray that the Michigan Department of Corrections stands up to its obligations. To provide him with mental health counciling, and to maintain his medication," said Mullkoff.

Judge Langford Morris didn't object to Mullkoffs requests. She granted that Casteel get placed into a mental illness program, and be kept on his meds when transferred to a state prison.

Casteel's days in court are not over with yet. He's scheduled to be sentenced in Livingston County on March 3rd for the terrorism charge. He faces up to life in prison.

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