Hundreds Rally For Michigan Schools

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Hundreds of people rallied at the state Capitol today to bring attention to the cuts lawmakers have made to public education.

The "Save Our Schools" rally included speeches by parents, educators, and others who are worried about cuts to things like art and music and overcrowded classrooms.

One woman from Traverse City told said it’s time for the legislature to start prioritizing our kids' future.

"It needs to be the number one issue in the next election and we need to be asking that question of the people who represent us. Do you value public education? If so, prove it. And if you don't, we will vote you out and vote in people who do. It's just too important," said Betsy Coffia of Traverse City.

It's estimated that more than 500 people attended today's rally.

Other featured speakers included gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer, Sen. Gretchen Whitmer, and State Board of Education President John Sustin.

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