Hundreds Help Bring Awareness to Kidney Disease

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Hundreds of people spent Sunday afternoon bringing awareness to a disease that affects more than 940,000 people across the state---kidney disease.

The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan held a walk at Adado Riverfront Park in Lansing Sunday afternoon to raise money for its patient services and prevention programs.

One survivor we talked to got a kidney transplant three years ago. He tells us it was his first walk, and he wasn't just there for himself. "I'm walking in honor of my donor, who passed away last year about this time", says Merritt Norvell, former Athletic Director for Michigan State University. "I also have a nephew who is awaiting a kidney transplant, so in honor of all of those things, I'm walking today and I've really enjoyed it."

The National Kidney Foundation of Michigan says most of the people who have kidney disease don't even know it. For more information, including how to find out if you're at risk and what to do about it, click the link within this article.

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