How to Save on Auto Insurance

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Finding the right car insurance for you and your family isn't easy.

And now it's getting even more expensive to add teenage drivers.

But there are ways to save.

"Shop around, always shop around," said Caleb Buhs of the Michigan Department of Insurance and financial services.

Making the right decision on your car insurance is more important than ever.

A new report from shows adding a teen driver to a Michigan insurance plan will now cost 57% more.

To save some cash, make sure you get all the discounts you qualify for, like safe driver and good student discounts.

And by making the right decisions about what you drive and when, you'll be able to make that increase not as painful.

Your insurance is based on the risk you bring, so that teenager in his new hot rod will cost you.

"Young drivers are three times more likely to be in an accident than a driver who is middle aged. So they pay more because they bring more of a risks and have more accidents," said Lori Conarton, communications director for the Insurance Institute of Michigan. "It costs more for their accidents, they're actually in more injury accidents, it's because they're young and inexperienced."

Find cars that have high safety ratings, and make sure you and your teens are driving safely.

And if you're desperate, getting your teen a bus pass may be a better option.