Lansing Hotel Concerned About Neighboring Nightclub

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Hotels are usually filling up fast this time of year, but one local place is having a tough time attracting visitors.

The Best Western Plus in South Lansing has concerns about the nightclub next door. It's had a history of violence over the years, including several shootings, the most recent one in August.

Now the hotel has had enough, and the city is stepping in to help mediate.

Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge is busy around the holidays.

"He has a facility that can hold over 400 people," said Charles Ford, attorney for the owner of Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge. "So, at that point you can have parties, Christmas parties, and not to mention the new year season."

But all of that business is bad for business at the Best Western Plus. Management didn't want to go on camera, but they did bring their concerns to Lansing City Council's public safety committee.

The hotel says nightclub-goers often come over and harass people staying there, and management has had several complaints about chaos in Fahrenheit's parking lot.

"Yes, every now and then there may be an issue that comes up, but I don't think it should be magnified to the point where it's the club or it's the management," Ford said on behalf of his client.

Some people who live and work around Fahrenheit have said they'd rather see the club close down and a new business go in there, but Lansing Police say they want to work with the hotel and the club to keep them both open. But their first priority is keeping people safe.

"We want both establishments to be profitable, but it has to be a safe community, and that's where the Lansing Police Department comes into play," Lansing Police Chief Mike Yankowski said.

LPD has been working closely with Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge, helping with security and patrolling the area. Yankowski points out that there has not been another incident at the nightclub since the shooting in August, and the owner says he wants to be a good neighbor.

"It's a good thing for the city to have an entertainment facility, and also a hotel in the same area," Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge Owner Germaine Redding said. "So, I think we can work it out."

The hotel's management hopes they can work it out, too. But if something happens in the future, police say the club's liquor license could be in jeopardy.

The hotel and nightclub also share an emergency exit. They're currently fighting over that issue in court.

Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge does have an event scheduled on Thanksgiving night, and it's going on as planned.

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