Hope Floats Detroit at MPC

MACKINAC ISLAND, Mich. (AP) -- Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder says he's hopeful that a bipartisan deal to raise the minimum wage will pave the way for the Legislature to boost road spending by at least $1.2 billion.
The Republican governor signed the bill late Tuesday before leaving for the Mackinac Policy Conference on Mackinac Island. He told The Associated Press Wednesday that drivers expressing their frustration with poor roads was a "great catalyst" for legislators to consider competing transportation plans.
One that hasn't been voted on yet would more than double Michigan's gasoline tax.
Overall, the governor wants something positive to come out of Mackinac.
"I sure hope I don't hear, 'It was a nice meeting,' but I hear 'We're gonna get this done and we're gonna get this done,'" said Snyder to a big group of people. "When we hear that across the board as Michiganders, we're sending the point that the reinvention is at full speed, so let's aspire to make that happen and let's deliver on that."
Snyder says his most immediate priority in coming weeks is for lawmakers to commit $195 million dollars in state money to help resolve Detroit's bankruptcy case. The House approved the legislation last week and now it's in the Senate.

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