Homeless Shelters At Capacity; Emergency Overflow

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LANSING (WILX)-- Cold temperatures are going to be sticking around. Homeless shelters are the first place people will go to stay warm, but they're at capacity in Lansing .

Tuesday night emergency overflow situations had to be implemented.

"VOA and City Rescue Mission went into overflow mode which means they will provide additional cots to the extent that they can," said Dr. Joan Jackson Johnson, Lansing Director of Human Relations.

Jackson-Johnson say's there's more people in need than ever before. It has her worried that emergency shelters will soon have to be put in place.

"The backup to our backup is asking a church to open it's doors and become an emergency shelter, or paying for motels."

She isn't the only one trying to find beds for the homeless of Lansing, Mike Karl, known as the homeless angel has made it his mission to get people off the streets, especially now as the temperatures dip lower.

"You're used to walking from your home to your car and you get a little bit cold, but when you're out there all day 24-7 your hands start to freeze up," said Karl.

People are still living on the streets. Huddled over a storm drain in Reutter Park, a group of homeless men will stay out all day and night.

"Last night we encountered thirty people. We gave out as many hats and gloves that we could," said Karl.

For the homeless angel, it seems his job will never be done.

"They're still under the bridges, there's still has a lot of people that haven't been reached. We are going out again tonight. We got some hot soup, and we will try to get some more people."

We contacted several shelters. The biggest need is for hats, gloves, boots, and other winter gear. Donations are appreciated.

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