Home Break In Scam Starts With Kindness

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It starts with a friendly gesture, a man offering to fix a roof or repave a driveway. But police in Bath Township say it's just to distract a homeowner and get them away from the front door.

"Then one or two other subjects will go into the house and steal items from the house and slip back out undetected," explained Detective Sgt. Gary Smith with the Bath Township Police department.

So far police have received two reports of these incidents. One on the 7000 block of Coleman Road and another in the Meade Creek subdivision.

Police don't have any confirmed reports of stolen items but say homeowners have noticed their belongings ripped through.

"Often times rummage through drawers steal drugs jewelry stuff like that

In the case that happened on Wednesday police say one of the subjects was talking to an elderly woman outside her home. Her husband was inside and confronted the subject that he saw break in. Later he saw a second subject running out of his house.

"It wasn't until later that they had realized that their stuff had been gone through," Smith said.

Since these suspects are trying to get people out of their homes, police say the best way to protect yourself is keeping your door locked. But police say that's sometimes an oversight, especially during the summer.

"Often times when we're out working in our yards we don't lock our doors," Smith explained.

When you're focusing on other things like yard work, that can make it easier for people to break in. Which is why police say these subjects may have hit more homes, just homeowners may not have noticed.

"If you're going to go out in your yard even for a few minutes just lock your door be vigilant," Smith said.

Police are asking people to keep an eye out for three men driving a newer dark blue van.

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