Holt Man Accused of Sexually Abusing Four Boys Heads to Trial

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During the entire two hour preliminary hearing, 57-year-old Lawrence Gibbs face never showed expression.

Even while he listened to the testimonies of the four alleged victims at the stand; including two brothers, aged 14 and 15 who worked for Gibbs' heating and cooling company.

Ingham County Detective Annie Harrison got involved in this case last December, when the brothers came forward about being sexually abused at Gibbs' house.

Gibbs was arrested, and shortly after, another boy came forward. The 9-year-old told his parents Gibbs abused him while he was working on their furnace at their Okemos home.

"One of the things I did, was check to see if there was any previous investigations involving Lawrence Gibbs, and I did uncover multiple criminal sexual conduct reports that were on file at the Ingham County Sheriff's Office," said Harrison.

That research lead her to a now, 30-year-old man who filed a report against Gibbs in 2006, when he was 24. When he took the stand, he described how he lived next to Gibbs as a child, and was often abused in his pole-barn, but was too embarrassed to ever tell anyone.

When he made the report against Gibbs, an investigation was never completed until Harrison came across his file: "The responding deputy took his initial report, and did not continue the investigation. It did not go for prosecution, so I decided to continue the investigation.

Finally giving the oldest alleged victim a change to take the stand: "I try my best not to remember," most of what he described, too graphic to repeat.

Gibbs faces life in prison if he's convicted on these charges. He will stay behind bars until his trial date, which hasn't been set yet.

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