Holt Seniors Start First Day at New Seniors Only Campus

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Holt, MI - Seniors at Holt High School return to the newly renovated "seniors only" North Campus for the first time this year.

Some community members liking the increased college focus the switch makes, while others are worried that separating seniors from the rest of the building will harm their leadership skills and education.

The north campus building has been newly renovated to feel more like a college campus. There are multi-use spaces, larger classrooms and a cafeteria modeled after Brody Hall at Michigan State University.

The Holt School District says the switch will save $500,000 and help prepare students for college. Seniors will take capstone courses on subjects they are interested in or may pursue in terms of a career.

On the other hand, some parents are upset that seniors will be separate from the rest of the building and because of that, not have a traditional senior year.

Students with classes in both buildings will have to cross four lane Holt Road in a shuttle to get to and from buildings.

For more on the new switch, tune into News 10 for a tour inside the newly renovated North Campus building.

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