Holt School District Finishing Controversial Senior Campus

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When the buses pull up to Holt High School, seniors will be getting off at a new stop. The former ninth grade building is now North Campus, a space just for seniors.

"We've challenged ourselves to say how can we do those things differently," said Holt Superintendent Johnny Scott. "Just because that was the way that they have been done do we have to continue to do them that way."

With ninth graders moving to the main high school, the senior building is getting an upgrade. That includes charging stations and rooms for Lansing Community College classes, which students can take out of the high school.

The district hopes these changes will benefit seniors, preparing them for life after graduation.

"Nothing's going to happen overnight," said Holt High School Principal Michael Willard. "We're not going to change the world in one year so this is a 3-5 year plan."

Not everyone is for the change. Some students and their families tried to prevent the change earlier this year. Many are still concerned that changes inside the building will not translate to changes after graduation.

"Really tell me what they're going to do differently academically that they can not do right now in the existing setting" said a high school parent, Vince Dragonetti.

Dragonetti and other parents want more concrete proof that this plan will work.

"We still do not think that this is the best approach to educating high school students," said David Bertram, a parent of a current senior. "Removing the seniors from the building we don't think is a good plan."

With crews putting the final touches on the senior building, there are few alternatives.

"I don't really have any other options besides grin and bear it," said current senior Connor Webster. "So I'm going to try to have a positive outlook to it all throughout the year."

Not everyone is opposed to the move. News 10 spoke with a parent of a senior who says she's happy the school is adding more opportunities for students. Her daughter is signed up for one of the district's Capstone classes, a new option this year.

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