Holt High School to Open New Senior Campus Tuesday

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"I have strong concern," said Craig Anderson, a Holt High School parent .

He has two daughters at Holt High School.

After the 2011 budget cuts, the school board had to get creative to save money.

So it gave the seniors and freshmen the switch.

The seniors are now in the North campus of the school, and the freshmen are on the main campus with the other grades.

Which will save the community about half a million dollars.

But Anderson thinks the cut will hurt his daughters' chances for college.

"The senior year is the leadership year," Anderson said. "And by taking the seniors out of the high school it will minimize the opportunity to develop those leadership skills."

Students who have classes in both buildings are going to have to cross the four lanes of Holt road to get there. The school is providing shuttles but parents are more concerned about the stress it will add to the day.

Some parents are happy the school is adding more opportunities for students.

The new facility is geared toward seniors with capstone classes, making it feel more like a college campus than a high school.

And that's the atmosphere the school board is going for.

"We're very aware that there's going to be some transition involved," said Lori Zajac, Vice President of Holt Public School Board of Education. "The whole nature of that senior campus is to allow the students to be more responsible."

Craig Anderson hopes the school's plan will work, and won't harm his daughters' futures.