Holt Custodian Plans Benefit Concert To Say Thank You

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A custodian at Holt High School is giving back to the community that helped him more than 20 years ago. The show will raise money for Holt High School's band and choir programs. Clark's son was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis as a child, over 20 years ago, and Clark says the Holt community helped his family in a big way. Now, he just wants to say thank you.

Unlike the members of Pink Floyd, students at Holt High School do need an education, and they need someone to help keep their building clean. That guy is Mike Clark, and this is his domain.

"I thank them, and they thank me for what I'm doing, and it's a mutual respect," said Michael Clark, Custodian at Holt High School.

And now, he's thanking the Holt community for supporting his family for more then 20 years. Clark's son has Cystic Fibrosis, and when he was a student at Holt's Midway Elementary he was hospitalized for over 30 days, which required Clark took a leave of absence from his job. During their stay at Sparrow, the school's principal visited the hospital and quietly left envelopes of money at each, to help the family get by. and it didn't stop there.

"We got home from getting out son out of the hospital, and there's another envelope in the mailbox with cash in it, so I'm assuming it might have come from all the same people... the staff, and the parents, and other people in the community," said Clark.

This time, Clark wanted to organize an event that would bring the school envelopes of money. He decided to bring "In the Flesh," a Pink Floyd tribute band to Holt for a concert, with all proceeds going to the band and choir programs. It's money, the band director told me, is greatly needed.

"We have a situation coming where there's hopefully going to be more some more members coming into the marching band, so uniform replacement and repair is just so unbelievably expensive," Michael Emerson, Band Director.

Clark wants to make sure no student feels like just another brick in the wall. He hopes students are touched by his efforts, just as he was by the support he received 20 years ago.

"You never forget kind gestures like that. I think about it every single day of my life," said Clark.

The concert is this Satuday evening at the school. If you would like to purchase tickets you can call Holt High School or purchase them online. We put a link on the hot button. The Holt High School Choir will also sing "Another Brick in the Wall" with the band.