Holiday Travel Trouble

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The Ingham County Road Department's 38 crew members are working ahead of the storm, mixing salt and sand and loading the mix into trucks and fueling up.

"For us, it's standard operating procedure," said Bill Conklin, of the Ingham County Road Department.

The department is pre-salting the roads before the storm to keep ice from forming overnight.

While they put a lot of effort into maintaining road traction, they need your help.

"Motorists, I know that they need to take it a little bit easier out there. We do worry about a little higher incidents of accidents when moisture tightens down to ice." said Conklin.

While the holidays can be busy, driving is no time to be in a hurry.

"Just really slow down and allow a lot of extra stopping distance and following distance with the car ahead," said Conklin.

The department recommends folks go about half the normal speed limit, and plan two or three times the stopping distance.

"Don't go out and remember to get the food ten hours into the event and say 'I can't get out," said Steve Babcock of the Lansing Fire Department.

Emergency responders say finish up your shopping early.

"Weather is our number one hazard that we have in this state." said Babcock.

If snow piles up in your neighborhood, try to keep piles clear of hydrants.

"It's nice if neighbors and the residents can help us locate those by assisting us to help dig those out," said Babcock.

The National Weather Service predicts three to six inches of snow is possible over the weekend.

Consumers Energy has brought on additional staffing in case of power outages.