Higher Demand for Anthrax Vaccine

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Troops may be returning, but the anthrax vaccine is still in high demand.

"The government has stated this desire to have a larger stockpile to protect the country, and we've been delivering on these contracts over the years," said Emergent BioSolution's President of BioDefense Division Adam Havey. "We're making as much as we can, and they're putting all of that in a stockpile, they'd like it to be larger, and we want to meet that requirement."

In response, Emergent BioSolutions is upping production from about 7-to-9 million doses per year to 25 million doses.

"Our BioThrax product, we have a next generation anthrax vaccine which we're trying to get and work to the market," Havey said.

To help employees do this critical work, Emergent has been expanding. A new administrative building will have a gym, dining hall, and large meeting spaces. It's all part of keeping up with the state of the industry, making more of the world's sole anthrax vaccine.

"The output is three times greater," Havey said. "The size of the building, the infrastructure, the technology. So, it's equipped for BioThrax, but also new products. It's a multi-product campaignable facility, which is something we haven't had here in the past."

The company plans on expanding even more as product development continues. They said more labs and science buildings will be likely additions, and the city of Lansing is happy to oblige.

"It's great seeing things built here in Lansing," said Lansing's Chief Operating Officer Chad Gamble. "We're looking forward to what's to come with Emergent and the City of Lansing."

Emergent said they'll continue to grow as long as there are new products.

The company is also currently working on tuberculosis and oncology products. Those are in clinical trials around the world.

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