High Winds, Slick Roads Cause Drivers Problems

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As remnants of Hurricane Sandy brought high winds and freezing rain to Michigan, Tuesday morning, it was common to see cars off the road or flipped over in Jackson County. Sheriff Steven Rand says there were around 40 accidents in the county between 6 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

"Seems like largely the south and east sides of the county," said Rand. "Most of them are attributed to speeds just too fast for conditions."

Rand says it is important for cars to slow down and maintain a distance between other cars when the roads are slick. He also says bad conditions can affect some sections of road more than others, particularly highway entrance and exit ramps.

"You have a less traveled portion of the roadway that is less inclined to be salted or sanded," said Rand.

In addition to the Sheriff's Office responding to accidents, the Jackson County Road Commission spent the morning cleaning up fallen trees and clearing roads.

"We didn't see as many trees down as we thought we would," said Ken Straub, General Manager of the commission. "As far as the ice, we didn't think it would freeze that quick, but we were ready."

For Consumers Energy, the biggest problem came from high winds, which started knocking out power Monday night.

"That accelerated throughout the evening and reached a peak with about 700 customers," said Dan Bishop, spokesman for Consumers.
"We were able to quickly respond to those customers and get power back on."

Consumers says there were less outages than expected and they hoped to have all power restored by Tuesday evening.

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