Help for Proposal Confusion

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"We will see a lot of money spent on ballot proposals in Michigan in the next couple of weeks," said MSU Advertising and Public Relations Professor Robert Kolt. He says those ads will be targeted to a large portion of voters who still don't know where they stand on the six issues.

"We have had more proposals on this ballot than almost any other state except California," also predicting the length of the ballot could make many Michigan voters impatient, causing them to make some un-informed decisions; especially since the proposals are the last items many voters will see, located on the back of the ballot.

"It's going to take people a significant amount of time, maybe 18-20 minutes if they know who they're voting for, to fill out the ballot," said Kolt. Many will rely on television ads to show them which way to vote.

"Television advertising is great source for information ... but it should not be your only resource."

Which is why State Representative Joan Bauer felt she needed to send out a tool to voters, which you may see in your mailbox soon. It breaks down exactly what each proposal would do, along with one short statement from both sides.

Bauer tells me, she's sending these out to help with the overwhelming number of calls she gets from voters not knowing which way to vote, and that she is not endorsing or rejecting any of the proposals.

A tool many are finding to be more helpful, easy to understand, and un-biased than what they see during commercials.

To see a copy for yourself, here's a link to the PDF:

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