Heavy Cargo To Blame For Deadly Plane Crash

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Heavy military vehicles breaking free in mid-air are to blame for the deadly plane crash at Afghanistan's Bagram Air Base in April.

The country's Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation released its findings during a press conference Monday morning.

Investigators believe the armored vehicles--- weighing between 12 and 18 tons--- slid to the back of the plane, killing all seven crew members. Six of them were from Michigan.

The National Air Cargo Boeing 747 crashed just after take-off on April 28. In addition to the black boxes and voice recorders, Afghan authorities also found broken buckles that were supposed to hold the heavy vehicles in place.

The last word heard on the flight recorder was "weight", but it's unknown if the pilot was referring to the heavy cargo, or an effort to regain control.

Investigators say there was nothing he could've done to save the plane and its crew.

The crash was caught on video. The footage shows the plane climbing upon takeoff, then stalling, before it rolls and crashes into the ground, exploding into a ball of fire.

The crewmembers on NCR 102 were Brad Hasler, Pilot in Command, Trenton MI; Jeremy Lipka, Pilot in Command, Brooklyn MI; Jamie Brokaw, First Officer, Monroe MI; Rinku Summan, First Officer, Canton MI; Michael Sheets, Loadmaster, Ypsilanti MI; Timothy Garrett, Maintenance, Louisville KY; Gary Stockdale, Maintenance, Romulus MI.

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