Head of MSHDA Steps Down Amid Spending Controversy

LANSING - The Director of MSHDA has resigned, effective today, after documents were released revealing extravagant spending of more than $200,000 in tax-payer money.

The Development Authority released a statement today that said the resignation was "... not a specific request, though one of mutual agreement."

Yesterday the Democratic Party released documents proving Woosley and other staff were reimbursed for more than $200,000 in expenses, including limousines, expensive hotels, and first class flights. At the time of the release, Woosley said that he would be willing to pay back any expenses that were, "improperly reimbursed."

State Treasurer Kevin Clinton and designee Tom Saxton, in a role of the MSHDA Board of Directors - is recommending that the Board appoint Deputy Treasurer Wayne Workman as Acting-Executive Director of MSHDA.