Haslett Resident Hoping to Retrieve Lost Memories After Break-In

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A young woman is reaching out online in hopes of getting back the only memories she has of her deceased brother.

Suzanna Nielsen, 25, of Haslett is trying a new approach to solve a mystery that is important to her. After her apartment was broken into on Thursday, October 23, she was left with thousands of dollars of her belongings missing. The burglars took cameras, video games, a PS3, and other valuables.

She says she doesn't care about the material value of the items that were taken, but there is one item though, that she desperately wants to get back.

On her laptop computer, Suzanna had stored the last tangible memories from her brother Joseph Alvarado, who passed away of brain cancer in November, 2010. She had uploaded his text messages, voice mails, pictures, and video chats from her phone to the laptop, and they are her last remaining link to her brother.

A Meridian Township Police officer advised her to write a letter to the unknown person who broke into her home, and ask for the laptop to be returned.

Suzanna has turned to Facebook and social media to spread her message in hopes that the laptop will be returned to her. She says she hopes that someone who knows something about the incident, or the people that took the laptop will see her message, and return the computer to her.

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