Haslett Man Arraigned In Connection With Wednesday's Standoff

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The man arrested after a bomb threat and standoff this week makes an appearance in court today. Gary Peterson was charged with armed robbery and making a bomb threat late this afternoon.

"I don't know what he was thinking, wasn't there," his son Jeremy Peterson said. "That's not my dad, he'd never hurt anybody."

Jeremy Peterson is still in shock that his dad is sitting behind bars.
The 63-year old appeared in a video conference call for his arraignment Friday. Peterson was arrested Eednesday in connection with an armed robbery and bomb threat at Mid-Michigan physicians and a standoff at his home in Haslett.

"My dad is not a violent or dangerous person, he made a mistake he wasn't in his right mind," his son said after the arraignment.

His son says his dad was recently diagnosed with terminal emphysema.

"The doctor said it's anytime. It's not a year it's not six months it's anytime. So it could happen any day, it could happen this weekend while he's sitting in there," Jeremy Peterson said.

Peterson's attorney and close friend, Burt Burleson, says this is out of character for him.

"Quite frankly i don't think he knew what he was doing," Burleson explained.

But the Judge was still concerned with Peterson's actions.

"I do acknowledge that you have virtually no criminal history and you have a long established residence in the community. I am primarily concerned with the possibility of continuing danger to the public."

"As far as how we approach it at this time it's still open we've still got a lot to review a lot to digest," Burleson said.

His family is hoping that his last days won't be spent behind bars

"I want my dad home. I want him there where we can all love him and take care of him, and come over and visit and spend one more day with him, that's all," Jeremy Peterson said.

Peterson's bail was set at $150,000. His preliminary hearing is set for Thursday, July 10.

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