Halloween Toy Gun Prompts Wash. School Lockdown

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WENATCHEE, Wash. (AP) -- Police in Washington state say a realistic-looking Halloween costume sent Wenatchee city officers and Chelan County sheriff's deputies rushing to an elementary school after a passer-by reported seeing someone walking nearby with what appeared to be an assault rifle.

Wenatchee police say the school was put on lockdown for about a half hour Thursday afternoon while the report was checked out.

KHQ-TV reports that dispatchers received another call from someone who advised that a friend had just walked home and had been wearing a costume that included a realistic-looking toy replica of such a rifle.

The Wenatchee World reports that the costume wearer was a woman in her 20s.

Officers visited her and offered some advice. In the words of police Sgt. Jim West, "We told her that carrying a `weapon' like that was probably not the wisest of ideas."

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