Habitat For Humanity Selling Extra Home Insulation

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The Greater Jackson Habitat for Humanity has an overabundance of blown-in insulation and is selling it to the public for just $5 a bag.

GLHFF was given a home that is being deconstructed and salvaged for community. It has a lot of blown-in cellulose insulation (25inches thick), enough for a 2,000 square foot home. GJHFH is selling it by the bag full and has hundreds of bags available for the community at $5.00 per bag.

"What an incredible value and item for the community. Everyone could use extra insulation," says Leanne Prout, Public Relations Coordinator. "This insulation is very nice and with so much of it, someone's entire house could be helped," says Construction Manager, Dave Behnke.

If interested please call 517-784-6620 or stop in the ReStore on Prospect Street.

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