Guns Across America Rally Gets Heated Up

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LANSING (WILX)-- Guns Across America was a nation wide event Saturday that stirred up a good sized crowd at the capitol. While the rally was a peaceful event things did get a little heated up.

Steven Negus is pro-gun, but his opinion on President Obama's gun control methods started a heated debate that resulted some protesters flashing their guns at him.

"What I don't think is a constitutional right is the ability to have a 20 magazine round. I feel as a sportsman who does enjoy shooting that I don't need to shoot 20 targets in a row to enjoy myself," said Negus.

Organizer of the rally Laurence Wallace says that any restriction on guns is too much.

"The constitution was put in place to limit the government not the people," said Wallace.

More than 200 men, women, and children showed up to rally on the capitol lawn. To a stranger Marcy Jankovich might look regular grandma but at the rally she let it be heard that her guns are what keep her safe.

"I don't want the government taking my defense weapons. They like to call them assault weapons, but I consider them defense weapons on the real war on women. Guns are a great equalizer," said Jankovich.

Michigan State Police were present at the rally on their normal patrols. No extra officers were needed, and no one was arrested.

"We will not be silenced it's our right to do it and we are going to do it. Without the second amendment every other amendment falls," said Wallace.

And while tragedies like Sandy Hook are still fresh on everyone's mind, many protesters said they brought their weapons to show that it is the person and not the gun that is the problem.

"It's a peaceful rally because a gun is a tool. It doesn't create violence all by itself," said Jankovich.

For Negus, he just wanted to voice his opinion as well.

"I'm here and I don't see a lot of people questing things. I'm not saying what I believe is right or wrong, just that people need to be asking questions," said Negus.

"Michigan Open Carry" was not part of Saturday s rally but the group and other pro-gun organizations are planning their own rally for sometime in March.

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