Gun Control and Gun Rights Advocates Rally in Lansing

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A weekend of politics and conventions, brought another clash of opinions on gun rights.

Advocates for gun control rallied Saturday outside the Republican convention at the Lansing Center. About a dozen people held signs and candles for the victims of Newtown and other mass killings. They're demanding action from lawmakers to stop gun violence.

"Our legislators need to know the people behind closing the gun-show loophole to make sure that felons, domestic abusers and drug addicts don't get guns," Tom Moran said. "It's got nothing to do with taking guns away from people it's making sure the wrong people don't get them."

Countering that rally, advocates for gun rights gathered outside the Capitol building. They argue banning guns won't solve the country's violence problem and say it's people, not guns that kill.

Both demonstrations were peaceful.

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