Group Installing Door Peepholes For Neighborhood

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LANSING (WILX)-- A neighborhood that saw a lot of crime last year is taking a proactive approach to home safety this spring.

Moores Park Neighborhood Watch started a initiative called "Peeps for Safety" Wednesday. Neighborhood watch members have volunteered to install peepholes in doors to help the neighborhood feel safe again.

"We don't want to answer the door. People are nervous about who's coming to their door," said Andrew Eagle, who's leading the "Peeps for Safety" initiative.

Last year some groups posing for volunteer work were instead scoping out home for future theft.

"One lady in our neighborhood left her house and half an hour later they were kicking in the side door," said Eagle.

It may not seem like much, but installing peepholes is one solution.

(If anyone living in Moores Park neighborhood would like to have a peephole installed click on the link for contact information) >>

Moores Park Neighborhood Watch is determined to keep the crime level low.

"It's simple, cheap and you'll still be able to keep the door shut while knowing who's there. I've got all the tools. It takes five to ten minutes to do it," said Eagle.

It doesn't have to be just the front door. Back door, side door, whatever door your family feels more safe having a lookout from, the neighborhood watch is willing to put it in place. The Lansing Police Department encourages it.

"Peepholes are effective one hundred percent. I recommend put it in both doors, front and side if you predict you're going to have somebody come to it," said Officer Robert Merritt with the Lansing PD.

Merritt adds that lighting would also be a good upgrade for a home to deter future crime.

"It would definitely spook a would be intruder or robber. Most of them are opportunists. They won't want to work in a well lit area."

(For a full security list, click on the link)>>

For Moores Park Neighborhood, getting the installations sooner rather than later is for the best.

"With this weather we are all thinking about going fishing and yard work. But and with the warmer weather crime will also increase," said Eagle.

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