Gretchen Whitmer Won't Run for Governor in 2014

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Senate Democratic Leader Gretchen Whitmer sent a letter to supporters today saying she will not run for Governor in 2014.

Whitmer seemed to be signaling a run as she took a leadership role in the attack on Republican legislation at the close of 2012, including the so-called Right to Work law.

In her letter, the East Lansing Democrat said she has received "support and encouragement" to run for governor, but has decided against it.

Whitmer says the campaign to "take on Governor Snyder and his billionaire backers in a election will require an effort unlike anything we've ever seen in Michigan."

"it's a fight that I know we can win," she continues, "but the question I've had to ask myself over the past several months is whether I can be the one to lead it."

Whitmer cites family demands as her top priority. She recorded a video statement about her decision, and posted it to her Facebook page.