Grand Ledge Ramps Up Road Repairs

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The city of Grand Ledge has ambitious plans to fix its roads this summer.

As part of it's 2015 Fiscal year budget, city council has approved plans to reconstruct several streets. Some of the projects will also include replacement of old gas mains.

The city's Mayor says plans to fix 4 streets have more than doubled to include reconstruction on 10. Kalmin Smith says, "The streets are terrible. This winter obviously did a job. But like every community in the state we've been falling behind year after year because of a shortage of revenue."

But this year, Smith says pinching pennies is finally paying off for the city when it comes to roads. "Basically we are taking money from the general fund and from a capital development fund that we set aside for the new City Hall, and we have leftover funds from that. So we're putting those all into street construction this year."

Depending on bids and final construction costs, the city plans to spend $700,000 on reconstructing streets and $2 Million underground. Smith says, "We've had a policy for the last decade, whenever we do a street, we try to do complete reconstruction and we go underground and replace everything, water lines, the sewer lines, the storm water lines, gas lines if they are down there."

For drivers who will experience detours, it's money well spent. Sharon Yee says, "I think our basic city roads need a lot of work. The side roads that have been neglected for a long time." Eduardo Hinojosa agrees, "Good to see the money is going where it is supposed to go."

The projects include work on Tulip, Edward, River and Russell streets. Additional projects are planned for late summer on Gretchen Lane, West Street, West Main Street and Pine Street. Depending on final construction costs, projects on the 100 blocks of Elm and Ferguson could also get the green light.