Governor Snyder Speaks About Prison Escape Report

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It's an escape that put the state's prison system to the test, and according to a report by Attorney General Bill Schuette, they didn't pass. That's an issue Governor Synder says he plans on reviewing.

"I think the reports point that out it wasn't one individual item there were some people failures and system failures," the Governor said.

Schuette found several security problems and personnel failures that helped convicted murdered Michael Elliot, escape from the Ionia Correctional Facility in February. The Governor says the Department of Corrections has been addressing most concerns since the escape.

"We've made additional investments already in security procedures through the budget to enhance those things to address some of those problems," he said.

But those changes do not include two of Schuette's recommendations--putting more armed guards in the towers and having an armed guard patrol the prison's perimeter at all times.

"The guard towers had been a situation that hadn't been fully manned for a number of years," Governor Snyder said. "Again they're going through all the analysis I''m going to let the experts look at that issue."

Measures the Department of Corrections says are not cost effective, instead using random staffing in those areas. Department spokesman Russ Marlan says the fact that a perimeter patrol was on duty when Elliot escaped is just further proof.

"You can have systems in place you can have the top rated security systems the technology in place but if you don't have staff following the proper procedures then you're going to have issues," Marlan said.

Issues that the Governor wants to see improved

"We'd been already investing in enhancing security measures and we're going to continue to do that," he said.

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