Governor Snyder Defends Right-To-Work

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The visible fight over right to work has fizzled. While many still hold very negative feelings toward the new law, Governor Snyder said it's in Michigan's best interest.

"We are looking beyond people saying they are fighting but we should be looking to service our citizens," said Gov. Snyder. "What really matters is customer service to our citizens, not hurt feelings over some other particular issue."

Governor Snyder said he doesn't want to minimize right-to-work or it's divisiveness, but said in time people will see its positive effects.

"I think people are going to see that unions are going to keep going in Michigan. Workers are going to have more choice and we are going to have more jobs in Michigan because of that legislation," said the governor. "So the real proof will come as we see more jobs come to our state."

Those jobs haven't come yet. It's far too early for the impact of the new law to be seen, but the governor says right-to-work is already opening opportunities.

"This is a case where the phones have already been ringing at the MEDC since we passed that legislation saying that people are starting to look at Michigan."

The governor says he's visited agriculture, timber and manufacturing workplaces and has the highest respect for those professionals.

"If you go into a plant today, it's not a plant like most people's imagery of 1960," said Governor Snyder. "You are going in and these people are running computers. They are running CNC machines. They are running robots."

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