Governor Snyder Declares Energy Emergency

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Governor Rick Snyder today issued Executive Order 2014-1, declaring a State of Energy Emergency in Michigan due to temporary shortages of heating oil and propane. It's a separate declaration from one he made back in December.

"The extreme cold and hazardous winter weather of the past week continues to impact our communities," Snyder said. "This executive order will ensure there is enough heating oil and propane in the coming days and weeks to protect the health, safety and welfare of Michigan residents and visitors."

The shortage is a result of a blast of subzero temperatures, and heavy snowfall across the state. Regular deliveries of propane and heating oil, have been delayed because of hazardous road conditions.

The executive order allows transporters of propane and heating oil to exceed the number of hours and consecutive days in which they can operate a commercial motor vehicle.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Michigan State Police require that drivers for motor carriers operating under the Declaration of Energy Emergency must have a copy of the declaration in their possession.