Governor Snyder Busy with Bills--186 done, 95 to go

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- Governor Rick Snyder has been busy working his way through the 282 bills passed by the Legislature during the final weeks of the 2012 session.

The governor's office said he signed 53 bills yesterday and vetoed four. He has acted on a total of 186 bills and 95 are pending review.

Snyder authorized the first revisions of Michigan's voter-approved medical marijuana law.

Voters must declare they are qualified to vote before getting a ballot under a bill signed into law by Governor Snyder.

The Republican governor signed legislation yesterday containing that requirement and other election law changes. The bill also requires photo identification for those registering to vote. Those without ID may still sign an affidavit to register.

Governor Snyder has signed a law that will allow community colleges to grant bachelor's degrees in several fields of study. The Governor's signature Friday on a bill passed this month by the Legislature paves the way for community college students to receive the four-year degrees in culinary arts and energy production, maritime and cement technology.

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