Governor Proposes $11 Million to Dredge Great Lakes Harbors

A dredge a few miles south of St. Louis works to keep channel clean.
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Gov. Rick Snyder wants to spend $11 million this year to dredge Michigan harbors in danger of losing access to open water because of low Great Lakes levels.
Spokesman Kurt Weiss tells The Associated Press the governor will include the proposal in his 2013 budget, which he'll release on Thursday. The money would be taken from the state waterways fund, which usually pays for projects such as improving breakwalls and boat ramps.
Aides say it's part of a broader plan being developed to help water-starved harbors as the federal government cuts back on dredging and the lakes continue declining because of drought and warm temperatures that boost evaporation.
Other steps will include expediting dredging permits, lobbying the government for money and crafting a long-term strategy to pay for dredging.

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