Governor Snyder Addresses Gun Violence

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Governor Snyder vetoed Senate Bill 59. It would have allowed for concealed weapons in schools.

With so many bills getting signed into law by Governor Snyder, Senate Bill 59, which would have allowed for concealed weapons in schools, stands out as one that Governor Snyder rejected.

Some think the bill could have made schools safer, but others argue more guns is not the answer. So why did the Governor veto the bill?

"It didn't fully provide to have each local entity to have the ability to say they didn't want the concealed weapons in their location, and that was something that was discussed before the shooting even happened," said Governor Snyder.

The Governor feels it is crucial each venue have the ability to make local decisions about guns.

"But I appreciate people. There were positive things in this bill that would have addressed an issue with open carry, so people had thoughtful ideas in the bill," said Gov. Snyder. "I don't want to be overly critical I just had a difference of opinion on the local option question."

Others argue it's the shooters, saying that guns are not the sources of violence.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley said people with mental health issues shouldn't be categorized as violent.

"We need to be vigilant not to presume that people with mental health conditions are dangerous or that people with mental health conditions aren't valuable contributors to our society," said Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley.

Calley said the administration's budget clearly reflects that mental health services are a priority. But said the Governor's Administration has no additional action plan right now.

"We don't have a list of proposals to offer at this point but we are reviewing all of the aspects of the way that we care for people with mental health conditions in Michigan and are committed to improving it year by year by year," said the Lieutenant Governor. "We are in the process of reviewing all of the procedures, the policies and the risks associated with our kids in school and elsewhere and look forward to a robust and inclusive discussion on how we can make sure that all of our kids remain safe."

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