Gov. Snyder's Approval Ratings Improve

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Gov. Rick Snyder's approval ratings are improving, according to the latest State of the State survey from Michigan State University.

The governor's good or excellent ratings climbed to 39.2 percent this winter, up from 35.6 percent in the fall.

Charles Ballard, who directed the survey, says that's comparable to when former Gov. Jennifer Granholm was running for reelection eight years ago.

"It does indicate it is possible to win reelection even when you have approval ratings that are okay, but not spectacularly good," said Ballard. "I think much depends on the opponent. If Mark Schauer is able to run a strong and effective campaign, he may be able to give Rick Snyder a run for his money."

The governor's highest approval rating was 44.5 percent, right after he took office in 2011.

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